Ghost Hunting With Sled Dogs?

A werewolf (graphic with the word WereWOLF) is defined as someone that becomes a wolf when the moon is full... well meet Bill Helman a Dog adventurer who has assembled a team of Dogs and friends that he calls the WereWOOFS!  This WereWOOFS Team idea actually came to Bill from his need to take his dogs out at night in the summer to get their exercise as the daytime was too hot.... you see Bill’s dogs are Huskies and the heat of the summer is problematic for this double coated northern breed Dog..... now Bill doesn’t just go to the local nearby park to exercise his dogs, he actually takes them to trails all over the east coast of the USA to adventure! Many of these trails are steeped in history with remnants of old railroads and structures where much of early American history was made! Places such as civil war battlegrounds, the area where George Washington crossed the Delaware River, and a fort areas including one that was active during the French and Indian war, just to name a few.... it’s so cool Bill says to visit these areas during the day, but, in the still of the night they take on a whole new Erie perspective.... Bill has told us that many of times deep in these areas he felt another unexplained presence as well as some unusual happenings along his journeys...he actually looked to his Dogs as he explains to us that dogs can have a 6th sense and sometimes their reactions to areas made him further ponder... this inspired Bill to contact a paranormal investigator expert and explain his unusual night time dog adventuring and asked if the paranormal expert would join him on some trails to investigate and maybe uncover some obscure or hidden history... It was than the WereWOOFS team was formed... the WereWOOFS team under Bills watchful eye has invested in the latest technologies such as military grade night-vision goggles,  and an array of devices that can help see and listen to potential paranormal happenings...since  it’s formation Bill tells us that they’ve done some extensive investigations and have gotten evidence that he says is far more proof of paranormal activity than anything he as witnessed anywhere including more than any of the ghost hunting shows on tv.... some of the areas the WereWOOFS have investigated include, the Paw Paw Tunnel, areas along Harpers Ferry West Virginia, and even the Pennhurst Asylum (at Pennhurst he had to leave his Dog team at home) if you have the guts visit for more!