Huskies vs. Horses

“Hey! You wanna race?” 

A few weeks prior, on their way to an urban mushing adventure, WooFDriver learned that his pack of husky dogs and the Belgian horses they came across at an official regulation-sized horse training track in Hydes, MD were interested in one another. Intrigued by this, WooFDriver called the track manager to ask if he and the dogs could run their dog-powered go-carts on the sandy track and the manager agreed. 

Once there, WooFDriver suggested a friendly competition between his pack and the majestic horses. Just for fun, WooFDriver wanted to see…Who’s faster? So he challenged them to a race. 

Decked out in his red and black tattoo-style WooFDriver t-shirt and shades, WooFDriver and the dogs came prepared with their pit crew and the Hot Rod Track Quad. A WooFDriver design, the Hot Rod Track Quad is a recumbent bike meant for running on a sandy track. It was engineered with Big Wheels for the terrain so the dogs can run at quicker speeds, giving them the chance to really get some energy out, and maybe beat those horses! 

The pit crew used a bucket truck—or cherry picker—about fifty feet in the air to capture the race and the gorgeous rural scenery on film. The dogs were ready to roll on their go-cart and the horses, in their old-style carriage, were eager to play along. 

Starting off in a traditional trot, the horses made their way to the track with a member of the WooFPak pit crew filming from the carriage. 

As they come around the bend, the dogs, on the outer loop, and horses inside, are kicking up sand. They’re running neck and neck.  Chase (Jag?) who is running up front with Zarro is aware of and interested in the horses, but the horses have their blinders on. They all keep running. The dogs fall back a few feet. Then they pull ahead. The whole time WooFDriver has a huge smile on his face and it looks like the dogs and horses are pretty happy themselves, doing what they were born to do! 

Will it be a photo finish? What do you think? You’ll have to watch to the end to see, but whatever happens WooFDriver will tell you this—living his best life and helping his dogs live theirs is the ultimate joy. He believes everyone is a champion when you’re out there in the wild having fun! 

There’s nothing like a cool dip in natural waters to cool down after a good race, but who will get to ride a victory lap?