Proof of His Dedication to His Dogs

If you’ve perused my website you’re getting an idea of the enormity and scope of this epic WooFDriver Lifestyle! The icons below (some are hot links) to some of the highlights that you may not be aware of that will further blow your mind !! Just further proof that the WooFDriver is Dog Gone Crazy and loving every minute of it!

I've Been Adventuring with Huskies for Almost 30 Years - My Youtube Channel Chronologically Documents Most of My Journey

Traveled Well Over 100,000 Miles to Adventure with My Dogs!

Only 1 EVER to MUSH The National Mall

Rents Farmlands to Exercise His Dogs

Hires Musicians to Entertain His Dogs

Has A Pit Crew to Make All My Dog's Dreams Happen

Uses Motorcycles to Build Bonding, Trust & Confidence

Use An ATV to Run Them OFF-Leash

Designed Landscape to Challenge His Dogs