The Dog Limousine


This next story will knock your socks off or at least make your Dog’s Tail wag....The guy who calls himself the WooFDriver might be the most eccentric Dog lover we’ve seen.... he actually had a Dog Limousine Built to take his Dogs to trails and Adventures all over the east coast of the USA.... this “Dog Limousine” sits high off the ground for off roading capabilities and is equipped with automatic extending steps that assist the Dogs to climb into the limo especially for his older Dogs.... and you know a dog limo would not be complete with out beverages... so each row has a no spill water bowl for the Dog’s drinking needs.... now most of WooFDriver’s Dogs are Huskies and Huskies are double coated Dogs so heat is a problem for them, therefore each row of the Dog Limousine is outfitted with a cooling fan to assist the air conditioning system, in addition a special feature has been added to actually make the engine idle higher when the truck is not moving, this keeps the air cold all the time! To ensure these systems are always working properly, there’s a thermometer dashboard to monitor the temperature of each row where the Dogs ride....Other Dog amenities include a camera so he can keep tabs on the Dogs as they roll down the road....and of course he plays for them his very own line of Dog Relaxation music he calls WooFDreams.... this music comforts and relaxes the Dogs especially on long trips! For more about WooFDriver’s Dog Limousine go to Dog

Part 2

Since our first story on the WooFDriver’s Dog Limousine, many have enjoyed hearing about the Dog Features WooFDriver incorporated into the limo but were curious about people features... well we posed that question to WooFDriver.... WooFDriver tells us that in addition to the Dogs comfort he has designed an array of functional and entertainment equipment to make all of the Dog Adventuring they do a party like celebration!! This extensive list of equipment includes a Roof top deck on the Dog Limo complete with a winch to assist loading up the Dog Powered Go Carts that travel on the roof, this deck also doubles as a landing strip  outfitted with flashing guide lights for Air-WOOF One which is WooFDriver’s Drone that he films his Dog Adventures with! But possibly one of the most intriguing features are what look like mini-canons mounted also on the roof of the Dog Limo...  WooFDriver tells us that these aren’t canons they are actually speakers,  he says  when he and his people team are setting up for a Dog Adventure they crank the Music up and create a party like atmosphere attracting people from nearby to join in on the FUN.... For more about WooFDriver’s Dog Limousine go to Dog