WooFDriver And The Sacco Cart

The Sacco Cart to me is the GOLD standard fro training and running dogs. It's design and comfort for dogs and humans is unparalleled. And the fact that a larger company produces these dog carts means parts and support are more accessible. In addition Sacco Cart has been around for many many years so it's tried and true! I have had nothing but the BEST experiences with the Sacco Cart and in fact loved them so much I became the North American Distributor for Sacco back in the late 1990s. I wanted to sell them so much to share the joy they brought my dogs and the ease it was to use these carts to bring my dogs this joy! I have found a need to make some personal customization which you can see below, the biggest one I wish Sacco would do is to offer electric assist like I use on my DogMotoSports line of my personal custom created Electric Dog Sleds On Wheels! I talk more about all this below! 



The Original Sacco Cart was designed with mushing in mind! Its high-quality design is packed with features geared for both the professional musher and inexperienced rider alike. Designed for one or two dogs, its features include a hand-operated braking system, foldable seat, standing platform, heavy duty multi-terrain suspension, hand steering and dog tow bars that encourage proper pulling from your dogs. It is excellent for teaching the dogs steering commands, like Gee (Right Turn) and Haw (Left Turn) because you can steer and direct at the same time.
It has been used widely by professional mushers to train lead dogs for years but has also been enjoyed by recreational users with many different dog breeds. The Sacco Cart weighs 63 lbs and folds down for easy transport. It has a weight capacity of 330 lbs. and can easily accommodate a driver and a passenger.

Trailster - Souped Up Sacco

The Trailster is a one of a kind WooFDriver creation that is a souped-up Sacco Cart designed to accommodate three dogs in front by utilizing one extra Sacco Cart spring loaded tow bar. It also has two Springers, one on each side, to tow additional dogs or puppies so they can ride, but don't have to pull. This is great for older dogs, and puppies. It has a misting system for warmer weather running and a canopy to shelter the driver in adverse weather conditions.

Sacco Dog Drone Trailer

The Sacco Drone Trailer is yet again another WooFDriver Creation! It's purpose is so I can tow a passenger usually being my co-pilot as he flies my drone (AirWOOF1) to film our adventure from the eye in the sky and also do recognizance of trail conditions around us! Obviously this adds weight to the Sacco Cart but still possible for 3 dogs to pull but in my DogMotoSports way I have added a electric motor to the drone trailer which the I control as I MUSH the dogs! This, like most of my creations has to be seen to be believed!

Sacco Cart "Furrari"

The Sacco Cart “Furrari” was the next generation of Sacco Carts as they changed the body style and wheels for a much more streamlined Dog Cart! Circa 2010 I believe Sacco in Norway the original manufacturer that I was the North American Distributor for, sold the full rights of their design to a European gentleman that started manufacturing this new designed Sacco Cart we nick named the “Furrari” in California! The new owner and myself established a rapport with each other and I purchased some of theses “Furrraris” to resell through my Dog-Powered Sports network. The new design is sweet and with the tow bars they offered extensions to allow 2 dogs in each bar so you could run 4 dogs like I show here and in the video. This new Sacco Cart “Furrari” was superb high quality like its predecessor and the tow bar design is the best part in my opinion! The only issue people had is the expense. This new Sacco was a considerable amount more then previous designs. So I got out of the business end so I can adventure with my dogs full time and today I believe there are new iterations of the Sacco Model “Furrari” being produced over in Europe. I personally love all models of the Sacco Cart and it proved to be instrumental in my MUSHING lifestyle, The only issue is I think they need to bring it up to today's technology by adding a motor like I do with my DogMotoSports concept I have pioneered! As an end user for a quick hack you could do as I have done by adding a motorized trailer that would go behind any Sacco Cart and propel by a throttle. It is not the best solution but it will work!