My ADVS (All-DOG Vehicles)

What’s you’re about to view is my collection of vehicles that have either been customized or built entirely from scratch for my Dogs and me. Under my watchful eye, my team and I have pushed the envelope of technology, and considered the physics and traits of the sled Dog kind to do something that’s never even been attempted before! Starting out almost 30 years ago and using what was available at the time and evolving with technology and knowledge that has inspired as you can see by the design of these vehicles. Please feel free to follow the link over to to ask any questions and read my responses to what others have asked. This is a lot to digest so please enjoy, learn and absorb all the good stuff that’s here. These vehicle emblems are hot links that will take you to the page to learn more about those particular vehicles, or you can use the menu above as well. You’ve NEVER seen anything like this because no one could even imagine anything like this:)