I started the whole WooFDriver DogMotoSports concept with a basic upright bicycle and quickly went to  electric assist as my dogs were out working me,lol! I have spent years working my Husky Team on upright bikes (2 wheel) BUT this style bike is not my favorite. You see, if I am not on the bike it can easily fall over and the dog(s) can easily pull it or get startled and maybe even hurt by all this, I therefore transitioned my DogMotoSports concept to all 3 and 4 wheel vehicles circa 2000. Don't get me wrong 2 wheels bikes work perfect for MUSHING dogs and many people that do BIKJORING do it with the dogs out in front so if they are not on the bike the dogs can still pull it but it can't fall on them per say as it's behind then and most people will lay the bike down when not on it. You can't really lay it down when the dogs are tethered to the side like I MUSH them

WooFDriver's WooFWheeler

The WooFWheeler is my version of a two wheeled bicycle that is outfitted for running Dogs.

Any bicycle can be a WooFWheeler!! One of the most simplest ways to do it, is to add a Springer Dog attachment system. Most bicycle can accommodate a Springer. Some people have to be little creative where they place it on their bicycle, it can be tricky to install in some instances. I personally have never had a problem because if there is no available space on the bicycle frame I than attach it to the seat post. The Springer is simple to use. I have tried other similar devices but I like this one the best. I really like the Spring design of it. I feels it give the dog some cushioning in case of a sudden Pit Stop(Bathroom Break) and also absorbs the dog if it goes in the wrong direction!! I use the Springer on many of my ADV attachment systems!! I do modify it to work on some of my vehicles.

On The WooFWheeler I also added two Spingers on an extension bar to have two dogs out in front running for a total of four dogs. You can run two dogs on each Springer but I like to give them room so they can find their own pace and not be crowded with another dog. It is good for them to learn to run close together but sometimes dogs can fight or spat in to close proximity to each other!!

This Bicycle is also electric assist with a BIONIX motor set up. I like to electric assist to keep the young dogs from pulling. I just want them to run, pulling could stung or inhibit their growth. Also if there is an unwanted distraction you can teach your dog to run past it by using the motor!! The BIONIX system also offers regenerative braking. What that means is that when in this mode you are actually charging the battery. The set back is that the wheels are not Free wheeling which means there is resistance even going down a hill. That is a plus for a dog owner. If your dog gets excited and wants to really run he can still pull you on the Springer so you can add resistance without using the brakes and recharge the batteries at the same time!! How is that for GREEN!!

Motorcycle Bike "Gromit"

The “Gromit” Motorcycle Bike gives me the oppurtunity to put 3 dogs on one side using a Bikejoring “Antenna” and I can use the same “Antenna” on the other side of the Gromit in front of the sidecar. This design allows me to run four dogs and have a resting place for one of them! It was perfect when my older Husky Jag had surgery and was therfore limited on activity. This bike allowed him to accompany his Husky mates on our WooFDriver Adventures and ride in the sidecar with his REXSPECS Goggles on! This bike design can be really handy for senior dog families especially! This bike is electric the only issue could be it's a little wide because of the sidecar so some trail gates and bollards could be an issue.

Rungu Dualie Dog Bike

The Rungu Dualie has a lot of interesting appeal and it is a beast! Designed really for hunters as i believe as a rugged, quiet, capable way to get into the wilderness quietly! Outfitting it for mt Husky Team was not too hard but MUSHING them on it is quite challenging! In fact it's some work riding this beast as the two front tires are stable and very innovative but there's a learning curve. To me the wheels can be easily over steered and without much forgiveness its challenging to recover. So leaning into a curve can quickly get over done. And with the twin (DUALIE) front wheels it's quite heavy to steer. BUT it can eat terrain up, and conquer most anything you can throw at it! Because control especially with the dogs is tricky I added full size training wheels to prevent ant spillage! That all being said I have rode it very successfully and NEVER had an incident! But I have got to be prepared to WORK riding this puppy!

MoonWalker Bike

What I call the "MOONWALKER" because of it's small but fat almost golf cart like wheels! When I saw this bike I said i gotta have it to MUSH the dogs!  It was designed and built by Dan Hanebrink in the late 1990s and this was quite a beast designed with those tires to ride most any terrain! I believe it was originally designed to be an EXTREME kind of mountain bike that was to be pedal powered! Though electric options became  or were available and that's whet I had my version built with! I really like this bike because the tires give it such good stability which is so important for MUSHING the dogs on it. The only issue is because they were basically handmade by Dan if there were problems it was challenging to get them resolved as he was the whole company I believe. And low and behold  I had an issue with the motor and though my team could fix it we had a tough time getting parts from Hanebrink so I kind of shelved it. I still own it today almost 25 years latter and we have since retrofit it with a new motor design and I hope to get it out with the dogs in the near future, stay tuned!