It was always a dream of mine to be able to adventure with my dogs in extreme areas where they would feel instinctually at home! Sure I taught my Huskies to Free-Range (OFF-LEASH Adventuring) but I would not take them to an area to adventure like that unless they were right by my side as on a vehicle where I could properly protect them from possible issues that could quite possibly be lurking in these extreme areas. So for many years we got as extreme as we could on safer bike trails that the equipment I had designed for the dogs could safely handle. Then technology and innovation brought the SWINCAR AND EZRAIDER OFF-ROAD EXTREME VEHICLES to reality! I knew with these vehicles it would be possible to do adventure with the dogs in the extreme areas I craved as long as I could design safe ways to tether the dogs to this equipment. After some engineering type design with my team we developed some interesting ways and the dream became reality OFF-ROAD EXTREME ADVENTURING with my Husky Team was going to happen. The with some mild training for my dogs to safely work the SWINCAR and EZRAIDER it all came together! You can see from the pictures and videos below on this page the expectations lived up to all my dreams as we have been fortunate enough to adventure safely and reliably in some of the most INCREDIBLE areas along the East Coast of the USA!  I hope to inspire and help others reach these heights for the bond and love of their dogs as quite frankly to me there's nothing that can compare to this kind of adventuring

SwinCar Dog Quad

The Swincar is like nothing most have ever seen before! It's truly a work of technical art that is BEYOND INCREDIBLE! Think of it as a bike like car like ATV thta is electric. It's not made to run the dogs so my team and I had to develop that aspect and I had to train the dogs accordingly. The Swincar has some serious capabilities that open up a whole new aspect to mushing/running/working the dogs! Since its too heavy for them to pull this becomes more like resistance work a Canine sport called ROADING! PLEASE CLICK HERE TO GO TO MY DOG ROADING WEBSITE AND LEARN SO MUCH MORE

EZRaider HD4 XDogBoard

The EZRaider Military Transporter and as the Swincar it's a technological work of art. To me the EZRaider is like a SINGLE TRACK version of the Swincar or ATV meaning it is just as capable but in a much narrower footprint!  This gives me the oppurtunity to MUSH the dogs on the side or with my latest creation to MUSH the dogs out in front more like a traditional dog sled formation!  Because of it's design, suspension, motors and wheels amongst other aspects it can go almost anywhere like the Swincar but again on a narrower footprint making mountain biking trails and narrow mountain roads in almost any climate or any grade a real option! You won't believe how and where I can MUSH the dogs because of the EZRAider! Also like the Swincar because of the heavy weight of the EZRaider the dogs can't propel it which makes this is more of a DOG ROADING SPORT for resistance exercise and also for just strolling older or less engaging dogs along. There are actually 2 versions of the EZRaider in my WooFDriver MUSH WHEELS FLEET. One is the HD2 which is the 2 hub (wheel) motor style with a bit smaller tires and not quite as capable as the BIG DOG HD4 EZRAIDER. The HD4 model has the largest tires available on an EZRaider unit as well as 4 hub motors one for each wheel which makes this machine almost unstoppable!  I mainly use the HD4 I call the BEAST Version that's what I am pictured and videoed in on this webpage. The slightly smaller HD2 is mainly used as a backup vehicle in case the HD4 has mechanical issues as I can still run the dogs on the HD2. It's also used for my co-pilot that assists me on all of my WooFDriver On Tour Adventures as he follows and rides point to keep us safe and sometimes set a pace for us as well as document these adventures through photography and videography! You can get glimpses of the HD2 in some of my photos and videos as again its with us on all these adventures. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT DOG ROADING




WooFDriver's EZ-MUSH BOArd


The EZRaider can be outfitted in multiple ways to accommodate up to 6 dogs at this time! With the MUSHING BAR attached in the photos and video above I can MUSH or actually do  Dog Roading with four dogs out in front. In the quick videos below you can see I can use a short MUSHING BAR to run two dogs in the front or I could use the longer MUSHING BAR to run four dogs in the front like pictured above BUT in the quick videos below I am also using the optional side U-BARS I designed to work two dogs on the side of the EZRaider! There are so many options to adventure with dogs using DogMotoSports and the multiple ways I have developed to do it! This gives me the unique opportunity to exercise dogs at almost any life stage as well!