Just like a script right out of the Disney Sled Dog Movie Eight Below meet Bill “WooFDriver” Helman a modern day urban style musher. Instead of being in the frozen Antarctic like the sled Dogs in the movie Eight Below, WooFDriver and his husky team are located in warmer and drier Maryland so they mush on sleds that are on wheels! In fact he has designed these sleds on wheels with modern day technologies that make it possible for his Huskies to run through all life stages (puppy to golden years) and through almost any topography using these sleds on wheels that WooFDriver pioneered! Meet the modern day eight below team WooFDriver and his Huskies! You’ve NEVER seen anything like this, because there’s NEVER been anything like this!!  Click The Links Below To See What This Is all About!!

Who is The WooFDriver?

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WooFDriver ADVS (All Dog Vehicles)

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