WooFDriver's Recumbent Dog Quads

Similar to recumbent trikes (3 wheels) recumbent quads (4 wheels) are very comfortable as it puts you in a recumbent position which seems to be more comfy for us humans with our backs and knees, etc.. especially as we age! The best part I feel again like the recumbent trikes is that these recumbent trikes also put you around the same height as the dogs which if you've never experienced is so exciting and the dogs really seem to like us peeps being at their eye level! The main difference between the recumbent trikes and recumbent quads is if you are running the dogs on the side of the bike instead of having 2 wheels in the back on the quad, the trike has one which gives the dogs behind the driver a space to run making the foot print of a trike more compact and narrow for trails and gates etc.. There's the point that quads also may be more stable as there is again 4 wheels but its not really a balancing human ability question it's more of the weight of gear and accessories that are put on one trike wheel in the rear or 2 quad wheels in the rear. Also with that cargo weight it could be more likely to tip a trike versus a quad. BUT keep in mind a quad is usually going to weigh more then a trike because of the extra wheel and hardware as well as there are more components to a quad like a rear axle for the the rear wheels which can mean more mechanical issues that could happen. Finally one other aspect to consider is which one will roll easier? I find which makes sense that a trike rolls easier as its lighter and 3 wheels have less resistance then 4 wheels and again it's lighter comparing apples to apples. If you looking for dogs to pull more it will most likely be easier for them with a trike but if you are using electric that won't be as much of a concern. Lastly a quad will usually have more capability of navigating adverse terrain and conditions.

BatMush Mobile

The Bat MUSH Mobile was my last custom build from Utah Trikes and for me one of their best creative and solid bikes they built for me! The Bat MUSH Mobile is a quad (4 Tires) and Two Seater (Tandem). It has all kinds of BatMan logos all over it and even some with light up eyes! In addition the under carriage has ground effects lighting. Truly a work of art that is so much fun to MUSH! In the picture gallery here you may have to study the pictures for a bit to see the detailed BatMan logos so subtly incorporated in almost every component.

Super Quad

The Super Quad Low Ryder is built out of lightweight aluminum and is totally custom from the ground up, designed with dog and human comfort, trail manageability, safety, and the ability to film and document trips in mind. It’s got a heavy-duty cargo rack, equipped to hold the misting system equipment for warmer weather touring.
With specific design parameters in mind during the building of the Super Quad, features include rear suspension, high cargo capacity, reversible rear seat, dog-running attachments, eco-speed electric system, and more.


The WooFMobile is probably the most custom and creative MUSHING Rig I have ever designed and commissioned to be built! This WooFMobile was way ahead of it's time and accomplished the build requirements like 4 wheel drive and 4 wheel steering to name a few which even today is extremely costly and a real rarity, but all of these EXTREME features were short lived as they couldn't handle the rigors of MUSHING life! The WooFDriver broke the WooFMobile in a matter of a day, lol! The technology wasn't there to have these ATV like systems built into a bike like ride! The guys at UTAH TRIKES made this thing happen which was an extremely tall order and was fit to be in a POPULAR MECHANICS PUBLICATION, so hats off to them! They just NEVER personally met the WooFDriver and didn't know he and his Huskies were gonna put this thing to the ultimate test! Utah Trikes worked with WooFDriver through a lot of iterations to make the WooFMobile still quite capable but getting rid of some of the more delicate options. The WooFMobile still got quite a few TOURS in. In hindsight the biggest issue once we got the mechanics and technology to a good functioning point was the wide dimensions of the WooFMobile which made it really limited on the trails WooFDriver could run it on!

Mush Monster

The MushMonster is a recumbent tandem quad with a completely custom frame. It has fat tires which cause the bike to sit higher and give it a comfy ride. Despite its size, it’s very narrow—the narrowest of the fleet at 32 inches. It’s great for some of the narrower trails. The MushMonster sports a 750-watt Bafang motor and uses the old lithium battery design, and It’s a little more equipped than some of the other bikes in the fleet, but It’s not as streamlined. It has a fancy bike rack built on the back and lots of interesting curves, including motorcycle-style handlebars. It's BRIGHT ORANGE Tires really set the MUSH MONSTER right!

Hot Rod Track Quad

The Hot Rod Track Quad was designed to ride at The Horse Track that I run the dogs on. This Horse Track has a sandy base and is actually deeper on the inside edger like most Horse Tracks I believe. The sand is a comfortable surface for the dogs and the Track is very wide and we have use of it all to ourselves!! this means we can run it in Turbo mode!! I can take the dogs at quicker speeds and allow them to air it out!! This ADV (All Dog vehicle) was designed to negotiate the sand and have higher speed than my other ADVs, again for this Track purpose. This is why it is extremely lightweight built out of aluminum and other lightweight materials. We have also designed bars to keep the dogs totally out of the wheels way because we will be rolling faster. These wheel guard bars have made this ADV wider but again width is not a problem here. This is probably now the wildest looking ADV we have in the fleet. It is also extremely comfortable with an almost fully reclined seat and head rest. I could drive it all day. The super Big Wheels are to help run efficiently on the sand but it also makes this ADV almost like a mountain bike and able to ride over some really challenging terrain. I have so fell in love with this that used it on The WooFDriver 2012-2013 Tour. The extra width is still manageable on the trails. You will see it in a lot of the  videos from the 2012-2013 Touring season!!