My Husky Family

Czar Bear was white in color with steel blue eyes and a stoic look that most would consider scary. He was my first Husky and as I like to say taught me everything I know about huskies :-) He definitely perfectly defined what an alpha dog is as I was a newbie and gave into his every whim and that’s how he gained that alpha status. He was a large husky and before I knew about proper feeding techniques and exercise he got over 90 pounds. His optimal weight was around 70 pounds. I struggled with him because of my limited knowledge at the time about the Husky Breed but I was up for the challenge and after proper guidance and better understanding he became a best boy. Especially was important when I learned to let him purge his power using a bicycle. The funniest thing Czar would do is maul me when he wanted some attention or was hungry for his dinner. Czar 1995 - 2010.

Hudson was my second husky also white in color but he had brown eyes and a baby face.  I got him as a companion for my Czar Bear because I felt Czar could use some dog companionship as well as I had figured out to control Czar's energy level because I had been biking with him as that was the start of the WooFDriver era. As I said my first husky Czar taught me everything I know about huskies, but here’s the second part to that. You see again, because of limited knowledge I thought you could just put two dogs together and they would get along, that was probably one of my worst judgment calls ever. Not that it ended bad but it was a long road to understanding the pecking order of a dog pack especially dealing with two males. Luckily again with proper guidance, learning and training Czar and Hudson became the best of friends and perfectly trained even off leash they were perfect. At this point my true love for the husky breed had risen. The funniest thing Hudson would Is act all innocent (of course especially with his baby face) when he would commit some mischievous behavior! That was another nick name for him the mischievous one. Hudson 1996 -2009.

Princess was my first female husky who joined Czar and Hudson to make a three dog team. She was also an all white husky with brilliant blue eyes and almost black eyeliner looked painted on her eyelids. That was how I could tell her apart from the other white dogs when we were out in the fields free ranging together. The family I got her from was very concerned because they basically couldn’t handle her and wanted to make sure I would be able to. She had puppies in the past many of times probably too many unfortunately but luckily that didn’t affect her health but it did probably make her even more alpha than she already was when I got her. That was a very challenging situation between her and Czar because of his alpha attitude but at this time I was more trained to handle this Husky clash of personalities and created a very successful relationship between the three of them. Princess was also around to be with my other males which was a good situation but Chase in particular could become irritated with her again because of her alpha bossy ways. She had a heart of gold towards people and loved everyone she met. The funniest thing Princess what do is pace all over the place literally doing laps around our yard almost all day when we weren't out on an adventure. This actually helped her keep in shape in her golden years combined with my WooFDriver exercise regiment. Princess 2004 - 2019.