I am trained by a master world champion Shutzhund trainer. I use my learnings & expertise to train my dogs off-leash. Many rightfully so, consider Huskies off-leash training to be impossible!

(Most places today there are leash laws in effect... in fact the only place on public lands that usually doesn’t require Dogs to be on a leash is in Dog parks... well for a guy we caught up with that goes by the name of WooFDriver the notion of walking his high energy Husky team on leash seemed a bit daunting.... WooFDriver explains huskies are considered a working Dog breed and they are born to pull, so on a leash they might wind (pronounced wined) up taking the person on the other end of that leash for a ride:) multiply that by multiple huskies and that ride may turn out to be a ruff one (no pun intended) ..... in fact WooFDriver goes on to tell us that he has experienced this awesome pulling power from his pack of huskies on his unique bike like sleds.... he developed these bike like sleds for exercising his Dogs because he says without an outlet to purge their power they could become quite unruly.... and he continues on that Huskies are not like other dogs where a game of fetch won’t hold their interest for too long and for the occasional husky that might like to fetch a ball the possibility of that working some of their energy is not going to happen.... you see Huskies can control their own metabolism unlike a human, WooFDriver says where us humans use our bodies glycogen and fat for energy and eventually get fatigued; the Husky defies this notion without ever tapping these energy stores and can almost reverse the metabolic process which can enable them to run 100 miles a day....wow!! That’s where the challenge lies.... it’s said that a good Dog is a tired Dog and the only issue with that is it’s hard to tire a Husky that’s why they can seem Challenging to most who don’t understand the breed... WooFDriver adds that to further complicate the high energy husky is their prey driven nature which gives them a deep desire to roam so containment for them in a fenced yard or kernel can cause them to exhibit their Houdini like escape skills.... this complicated mixture of energy and drive makes the Husky a bad candidate for off leash activities that’s where WooFDriver says he becomes the Husky Tamer!! After working with huskies for almost 25 years he’s developed a training system in combination with creative Engaging exercise routines for his huskies that makes it possible for them to sew their wild oats… he has trained his team to be trusted off leash and actually rents farm lands so they can roam leash free while he rolls with them in an electric ATV managing them and giving commands along the way so they stay with him but allowing enough freedom for them to run wild… you got to see this to understand the enormous devotion the WooFDriver commits to his Huskies on a daily basis to make this lifestyle a reality!

WooFDriver Free-Ranging Videos