one of a kind dog bikes

I call this section my one of a kind Dog Bikes because I din't have any others similar to them to categorize with them. Almost all of my Dog Bikes are one of a kind in some way but these again are unique in the way there are not many other similarities amongst the rest of my collection! You will find some strange looking machines in this section that will probably need some explaining so I've included a writeup, pictures and videos to tell all about these WooFDriver Wild Ones!

Double Decker 4X4 4Peeps & 4Dogs

WooFDriver call This a 4X4 because it can have 4 passengers and MUSH 4 Dogs at the same time! WooFDriver's Double Decker 4 Wheel 2 Motor Bike was originally designed as a way for WooFDriver to exercise his Husky Team at his weekend home in the Shenandoah Virginia Valley! This would give WooFDriver and his family time to be together on the surrounding roads of his cabin like home there. This Double Decker was quite the build for Ashley at Utah Trikes a they mostly specialize in recumbent bikes and with the Double Decker I wanted would not be recumbent as it would need to sit high because we would be using it on quiet roads but still wanted the visibility for safety instead of being lower down like a recumbent bike. Hence the DAYGLO FLORESCENT ORANGE COLOR! Additionally there are mountains and hills all around the area in the Shenandoah where WooFDriver and his family would be adventuring and exercising the dogs so the Double Decker would need some climbing ability assistance along with independent peddling capabilities so Utah Trikes incorporated two motors to handle this beast! The Double Decker worked really well for it's purpose but it also wound up doubling (how appropriate) as the MUSIC MUSHING TOURING BIKE for WooFDriver's live Music Adventures! WooFDriver calls this series"In The WooFHouse" where he has live musicians ride with him in this Double Decker Dog Cart and play music for the dogs as they adventure and run! Nothing like this has ever been done so it was a WILD and OVER THE TOP SERIES and the dogs most importantly and everybody else really enjoyed it!! I'm sure you've NEVER seen or heard anything like ‚Äúin The WooFHouse‚ÄĚ ¬†SO PLEASE CLICK HERE OR THE LINK BELOW TO WITNESS SOME OF THIS MOST INCREDIBLE MUSIC MUSHING MAGIC!

The Double Decker Doubles As The Music MUSHINE!


Leaning Boxter Trike

WooFDriver's LEANING Boxter Trike was originally added to his fleet of dog vehicles to accommodate his senior dogs as they were coming of the age they would possibly require more medical procedures and be in potions therefore that they would need to rest with light activity at times and WooFDriver wanted to be prepared as possible so all of his dogs can always be with him as much as possible!  In fact spoon before WooFDriver added the Leaning Boxter Bike  his boy Jag needed to get a growth removed and would be confined to light activity. WooFDriver also had some younger Huskies at the time that needed to keep exercising with WooFDriver's style of MUSH adventuring. So, Instead of leaving Jag at home without his pack mates he could use a MUSH bike that offered a comfortable way to rest Jag and let his other dogs exercise on this bike. This would make it possible for all of WooFDriver's dogs to be part of the party adventure not having to leave one at home! Additionally as Jag recovered from his growth removal surgery and could get back to bike MUSHING WooFDriver could let him do some MUSHING on the bike with his team and then put him back in his ride seat area on the Leaning Boxter Bike to rest! The concept and equipment worked perfectly and Jag and his team had a ball as always! By the way it is called The LEANING Boxter Bike because it leans like a mororcycle would so there is a curve to learn how to ride it which the WooFDriver learned the ins and outs of this most unusual bike. The dogs are tethered to the Leaning Boxter Bike using Bikejoring Antennas and Springers.

WooFDriver's Original RuFFBoard

WooFDriver's RuFFBoard was originally added to the fleet to work the dogs in the neighborhood and teach them WooFDriver Style MUSHing! WooFDriver Used the RuFFBoard to teach his 14 pound Chinese Crested Toy Breed to exorcise with it! The RuFFBoard is light weight and has decent self balancing as it is on three wheels but there is some leaning that needs to be understood which actually makes it handle better and adds to the fiun to ride aspect! Because it's light weight the dogs can propel it if they choose but of course as with almost all of WooFDriver's  MUSHIUNG vehicles it is also motor driven.  My team designed and built creative ways to mount my favorite Springers to the RuFFBoard to safely attach the dogs to it. My Husky teams put a lot of miles in on the RuFFBoard over the years in fact I have a few of them as I like the design and quality so much! Additionally I would use a RuffBoard to Free-Range the dogs at the Mazing Chase (Lure Coursing) Farm area I rented.



WooFDRiver's Big Rig Dog Bike

WooFDriver's Big Rig was actually a RHOADES CAR that I believe was really designed for corporate complexes large facility areas including warehouses etc.. It was really old school with car like lead acid batteries and just overall very clunky and heavy. It was one of the first few bike like vehicles I was converting to run the dogs. I had my team do some serious modifications to it that certainly didn't hep with it's weight. We added a frame extension on each side to mount my Springers and U-Bars to attach the dogs to. In addition  the extra frame bars helped keep the dogs away from the bike. The best modification we did was add a SACCO CART FRONT END so I could use the SACCO CART TOW BARS! To stop this beast once it was rolling was another feat so we actually had to install motorcycle brakes! Also we added John Deere yellow riding mower seats which were a whole lot more comfortable then what came on this stock from RHOADES CAR! This thing was like a science project, lol! It worked for some neighborhood runs but beyond that it was more of a good way to learn about modifying and customizing for WooFDriving!