WooFDriver Mushing Canadian rockies large sled dog team

The lure of being in the wilderness in a blanket of snow with no sound but the quiet foot steps from a pack of eager sled dogs is quite possibly one of life's greatest thrills!  Those that are fortunate enough to devote their lives to mushing are rewarded almost daily with these experiences.  Mushers get to feel the passion of working in unison with a team of dogs where great endurance and conditioning is essential.  The bond and trust created between the musher and his team is forever ingrained in their hearts. Learn how to get involved on a recreational level and experience some of this incredible excitement with as few as one dog!

Early WooFDriver Traiining Others To MUSH

Using a raft as a sled early woofdriver

What can i say, I LOVE this video as it features my first two Husky Boys Czar and Hudson. They were incredible!, you will notice I give them a lot of off leash time relatively speaking so the whole experience is awesome for them, they love to run as you can see. I also let them pull the raft by themselves to get used pulling it, and also learn to run while pulling at faster speeds. As I say on my website, there are a lot of creative ways to FurWheel, obviously using the Raft is one!!