WooFDriver's DogMotoSports foundation in dog roading as in video

Using the concept of Dog Roading and Springer dog attachments,  I’ve pioneered DogMotoSports. You  probably have never heard of or seen Dog Roading but my video offers a quick example. In a quick synopsis it’s basically resistance exercise for dogs. They are essentially tethered safely to loads they can ‘t move like I am in the ATV so they can pull technically push using a specially designed Roading harness against the resisting weight of the ATV without moving it.

DogMotoSports using the Roading Harness also but just adds the ability to tether the dog to a load it can pull again technically push to power like the Electric DogSled on Wheels.

Now I added electric motors to my bikes with Springer attachments so I could bike my dogs more often as they wanted to run more as they got into better physical shape.  I could also go further distances and on more challenging terrain as I  wouldn’t have to be as physical. And now as electric bikes have advanced I added off-road electric bike like rigs for more EXTREME adventuring with my dogs. You gotta see this to believe this!

So I  developed this whole concept of DogMotoSports (basically electric assist bikes, trikes and other vehicles I can tether the dogs to) as it allows me to run dogs of all different abilities (young & old) to all different areas including real challenging terrain, steep grades etc… as the dogs don’t have to pull or work if they don’t want to as they can just walk/trot/run with the bike. This opens a lot of opportunities as I like to tour the east coast USA and find all kinds of trails to explore with them

  1. Resistance Style Exercises
  2. Specialized Roading Harness Designed for this Type of Exercise
  3. Electric Motor for More Distance &  All Terrains & Grades
  4. Driver Doesn't have to be as Physical



dogmotosports with the swincar