WooFDriver's Dog Choppers

The Dog Chopper Bikes are an interesting bike design. They are a trike (3 wheel) and they are semi-recumbent which make them extremely comfortable to me! When I first saw this cool long trike frame I instantly knew I had to customize this for the dogs! It really offers many opportunities with my trained eyes to configure it for MUSHING the dogs. And with its large cargo space it's great for carrying lots of dog adventuring gear including lots of water for them. The large wide tires can handle the cargo weight and also can navigate most terrains. The only issue I have found is the first iterations of this bike were front hub motor driven which made it hard to climb hills. I, of course, immediately added a second motor to power the rear wheels which made it ALL WHEEL DRIVE as the front motor that came with bike I left on there! This became one of my favorite bikes in my fleet!  I then went on to add 2 more and give them the same rear wheel motor for backup bikes for me to run the dogs in case one was down and also for my copilot who accompanies me on my WooFDriver On Tour Adventures! My latest design with this bike is that I have adapted it to use my MUSHING BAR which again puts the dogs out in front keeping a narrow footprint so we can MUSH most ant bike trail! The Dog Choppers (except for the second version of the Captain America Dog Chopper which again we made to adapt the MUSHING BAR so the dogs can be in front more like a traditional dog sled) below are all the same but I've named them different according to color scheme. You may want to look at the different pictures and videos though even though it's just a color difference as some will show the bike from different angles, different dogs, and different situations to give you a more complete picture and stimulate ideas how you maybe could use for your application!

WooFDriver's Captain America Dog Chopper

WooFDriver's Dog Mushing Chopper

This Captain America Dog Chopper has 2 ways of MUSHING the dogs! I can tether them to the side like my other Dog Choppers on this page or it can also use my latest invention of the MUSHING BAR! This is possibly one of the greatest inventions for exercising dogs (especially high energy breeds) in many years! PLEASE CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS MUSHING BAR!

WooFDriver's Billy Bike Dog Chopper

WooFdriver's Easy Rider Dog Chopper