WooFDriver's Recumbent Electric Trikes

My first ELECTRIC multi-wheel MUSHING RIG was a trike. I like trikes because they are self balanced on three wheels so I can tend to the dogs at any time without worrying about the bike falling over. In addition they are very comfortable and put you at the dog's level for the best view and interactions with them! I think the dog's really like that you are at their level in these recumbent trikes also!

 WooFDriver's First Trike - The Low Ryder

The Low Ryder was my first trike and it made it possible to carry an assistant or passenger as this Low Ryder was a two seater! This was also my first custom design leading into what I call DogPoweredGoCarts but they are actually electric! The Low Ryder is a CATrike that I purchased and had customized for the dogs and my WooFDriver Adventures by Utah Trikes. This was, I believe, one of the first customization's Utah Trikes had done at the time as they didn't have a machine shop or equipment to fabricate like they do today. I worked closely with Ashley Guy the owner at Utah Trikes and he was amazing about building this trike to my exact specifications including a rear passenger seat that could face forward or backward to aid in training dogs and filming our adventuress. This Low Ryder Trike though it was very rudimentary proved to be one of the most reliable bikes I had and we put it to the test almost daily! The Low Ryder pioneered WoofDriver On Tour Adventures where I travel the east coast of the USA with my dogs and a people team I call my Pit Crew to MUSH different trails! The tandem (2 seats) on this bike was instrumental for The WooiFDriver Tour so my assistant could ride in the trike with me to always be watching the dogs and to help me navigate unfamiliar trails and areas. As I expanded my MUSH WHEELS Fleet the Low Ryder became an excellent backup vehicle and very useful when I had filming crews on the trails to documenting what the WooFDriver Tour!

The Low Glider Tandem Trike

The Low Glider is a fluorescent yellow, two-seat recumbent bike built on a fairly conventional frame. The bike at the time  used the newest technology so it has fewer components and a simplicity to its design. It is lightweight, with fewer parts that can malfunction or break. The Low Glider also creatively had dog rails which kept them away from all trike components which was excellent for training new dogs!

The Low Glider is one of three trikes in the fleet, (the rest are quads). Because of its minimalist design, the bike does not have all the same features as the other modern bikes. It cannot carry a large amount of water for the dogs, cameras, or back-up gear like rain suits and warmer clothing, but The Low Glider boasts one of the newest electronic motors, which has about 1ooo watts of power. Both riders can peddle The Low Glider independently or together. Torque and climbing ability took precedent over speed in the design of this bike.

Woof's Big Wheels

WooF’s Big Wheels is named after the Big Wheels trikes from childhood. It looks a lot like the Big Wheel except this trike has two wheels in front and one in the back.  It’s the only single-seater trike in the fleet. This bike is light and reliable, whereas the other single-seater which is a quad is heavy.
Woof’s Big Wheel’s components are minimal. A recumbent bike, it offers the same features as most the others, but it’s more simple and compact, but with fat wheels. The fat wheels are good for going over diverse terrain. They provide much more cushion and comfort, and you can let some air out of the tires to really absorb the ride. It’s a good bike for almost anyone who wants to get involved with dogs and urban mushing due to its lightweight design and comfort.
It’s adapted to hold a more conventional bike rack like those found on many two-wheel bikes, for water and other essentials.
Woof’s Big Wheel is painted Granny Smith apple green and has customized dog rails that keep the dogs nicely spaced away from the bike. The rails also provide a good way to put custom dog attachments. Because they are not welded on, they can slide to position the dogs closer or further apart.

Big Wheels Electric Dog Sled On Wheels Version

WooFDriver's Big Wheels Electric Dog Sled On Wheels is like a mountain bike (trike) version of his original Electric Dog Sled On Wheels which is built on more kind a conventional trike frame with regualr road like tires! This Big Wheels version is more rugged and capable with its largr all terrain tires and higher riding MUSHING BAR it can traverse a lot of different challenging terrains. WooFDriver's Big Wheels Electric Dog Sled On Wheels is not as capable as his extreme OFF-ROAD equipment but this Big Wheels version is designed more for challenging bike trails.