I've been so fortunate to have Huskies as part of my family for almost 30 years now. In the beginning with my first Husky Czar Bear,  I realized he needed an outlet for Czar to purge his energy, as Czar was becoming very hard to handle at home. It was then I discovered a bike extension that allowed  me to safely exercise Czar on my bike. From my first outing through the neighborhood I so fondly recalls the smile on Czar Bear’s face and the satisfaction that Czar had. A tired Dog is a good Dog and that’s exactly what Czar was! Tired after this first run and so so happy. 

In fact Czar and I became quite the duo riding the bike in the neighborhood and going to the local trail. This became so easy and fun for my main man Czar Bear and me that I decided to add another Husky to the mix and quickly formed a team as Hudson came along.  And that’s how today it’s grown into a lifestyle like no other. 

With an entire repertoire some may consider like a fine car collection with a price tag probably similar! I have assembled this collection offering me ways to adventure and exercise my Dogs through different stages in their lives with the ability to transverse almost any terrain and weather conditions. Again you’ve NEVER seen anything like this!

The video above is vintage, you can probably tell by the quality. A much younger and prettier WooFDriver with my first 2 Huskies Czar & Hudson on a very simple bike set-up. This is HOW I started. Please go to the link to see my collection of All Dog Vehicles now!