When Do We Adventure?

All Year But The Colder The Better For Them

Huskies are a double coated breed which means essentially they have two coats of hair and are built for the coldest most extreme conditions, as warm weather is not there friend! Technically speaking if it’s not below 0 it’s to warm for them:) So working Huskies or pretty much any activity in warmer weather can be treacherous for them. Overheating any Dog can be very serious and even fatal so most importantly whatever you do with almost all Dogs because they’re just very inefficient at cooling you have to be very careful. 


ThereforeTherefore because I reside in Maryland which has warm weather in the spring and summer I will run the Dogs in the dark of the night. Night time is usually the coolest time of day and certainly without the sun beating down on us it’s usually a lot more pleasant on the warm days. I find the Dogs actually prefer to run at night as they do have some night vision capabilities where they’re able to see to a certain extent in the dark as well as I use high powered lights and in some cases night vision goggles and infrared lights.


It still can be rather warm at night in our part of the world so lots of care and consideration still has to be taken. Some things I do to keep the Dogs cool include getting them a dip in waterways that are nearby on the trails we are running, given them plenty of water to hydrate, sometimes if conditions warrant I’ll use a specialized cooling vest on each dog, move at much slower speeds, and give them plenty of rest stops along the adventure. I actually developed a misting system to spray the Dogs down as they run so as it evaporates off their fur they get similar cooling like a human gets from sweat! 


We also actually started paranormal investigations and ghost hunting as we let the Dogs rest when there were places to explore nearby on the trail. Please visit my YouTube WereWOOFS Channel for my Ghost Hunting with Dogs Series!