Where Do We Adventure?

All Over The East Coast USA

We adventure on abandon roads, country roads, beeches, and trails all over the East Coast of the United States! We even run some urban areas as in the picture we did the Nastional Mall in Washuington DC! Now with the addition of some high end super sophisticated hybrid ATV style Vehicles I can now go to more places like mountain roads and even low crossing waterways. 


I do these travel adventures with my people team I call the WooFDriver Pit Crew. My Pit Crew usually consists  of 2 or 3 guys who will accompany me and the Dogs on these adventure trips. We always haveWe always have a designated driver, I call him my wingman to drop us off at the trail head and pick us up at another trail head so we don’t have to double back on the trail as this keeps it much more exciting for the Dogs always exploring new areas. You see if we double back of course they can smell their own scent and know they’ve been there earlier so sometimes we can lose some momentum, that’s why we usually go one way and the truck/van meets us at the other side. If we’re traveling country roads or even some beach areas usually the truck/van driver will follow us for safety reasons to make sure if there’s any other vehicles out there that they would never have a chance of running into us.


Wherever we adventure to there’s always someone either on the bike/dog cart etc. with me. If it’s a tandem (2) person vehicle I’m using he will be on that vehicle with me. If it’s only a single person vehicle I’m using my copilot as I call him will be on another vehicle similar to the one I’m riding but of course without the Dogs to follow me or to be ahead of me filming and helping tend to the Dogs as well as any situation that might arise on the trail and there are plenty before situations that have risen over the years!