Who is WooFdriver?

Bill "WooFDriver" Helman

Hello and welcome I am Bill “WooFDriver” Helman. Let me preface this conversation by letting you know that this is probably like nothing you've ever witnessed before. You see I am what some would call an extreme kind of guy. With an extensive background in the martial arts and an over achieving father my foundation is built on the premise to keep pursuing your goals until you succeed and never surrender. That being said you may be able to get a clearer picture of what I'm about to share. 


I've always been a happy go lucky guy. My enjoyment for life has given me the inspiration and hope for everyone to enjoy their lives. This includes all living creatures on the planet. In the martial arts one of the tenets we are taught is the utmost of respect for all life. I practice this daily. 


For the past almost 30 years now, I've been fortunate enough to have Dogs as my family. All of my Dogs are, and have been, Huskies/Malamutes with the exception of a few pint sized Chinese Crested’s. The Husky breed is so fitting for my lifestyle because they are very physical and very challenging. This breed which I consider one of the closest to their ancestors the wolf have many wolf like traits. Their sense of independence and wild instincts reverberate all through their actions. Because of this notion I have become the WooFDriver or in other terms the Husky tamer.


My fascination and appreciation for the wolf lured me into wanting to be closer to them. I therefore wanted a domesticated Wolf which is again essentially I consider a Husky.  The only thing being the Husky figuratively is not so domesticated by most standards. By that I mean they are instinctually wild. So for lack of a better term domestication of the Husky in our house became my challenge.


I have spent countless hours into designing a lifestyle that would be most fitting for this wild wolf like Husky breed to tame their wild oats and give them what they love! My job is to to give their insatiable appetite a run for the money. This means I have to find ways to appeal to their instincts so they will engage and unleash their full potential and therefore satisfy their senses and have a fulfilled life to be totally content.


Before I go to far here I have developed my very own Dog training system which you can find more about on my YouTube channel. In a nutshell, I have become a dog adventurer to satisfy my dogs and have therefore pioneered ways we can share together a life of exploring, discovering, exercising, and living every day to the fullest extent.


Just to let you know every Husky expert and owner will tell you to never do some of the stuff I do with my dogs because desired results are impossible to achieve. The proof is in the pudding and through my daily adventures you can witness our results.


This incredible accomplishment, shared respect, and life style with my WooFPak (Husky Family) has opened my eyes even further to want to share the joys of all dogs with everybody. I therefore have been so inspired to venture into almost everything to do with dogs. I therefore have written hundreds of songs celebrating documenting and even about training these most incredible companions the Husky.  You can find some of my music here on this website with it’s  built in player, but I also encourage you to visit my other website WooFDriver’s Music (WooFTunes) for the complete library.


Please also keep in mind that I am not a Hollywood star or even a reality star so everything here is as genuine as it comes. Also all the equipment I use is almost all modified, customized, or built especially for what I do and wasn't financed by some big network or company but instead was crafted by the collaboration of many friends and experts who are as passionate about what we are doing as me and as capable as anyone I've ever known of! 


So I would like to say please enjoy my website and media but it's more like I hope you can get inspired and excited to absorb some of what's evolving here.