Why Do This?

Huskies Are Working Dogs

Huskies are a working breed Dog which means they have been bred to do a job. Huskies are bred to pull and run long distances in Arctic like temperatures. Other  working breed Dogs like  German Shepherds are considered a guardian or protection dog amongst  other jobs they are bred to do. That’s why many German Shepherds are in the police force or military. 


If working breed dogs aren’t given  jobs and challenges that are similar to some of the traits they were bred to do they can be adversely affected. Some of the jobs working breed dogs do can seem a bit harsh to some but if done correctly they are actually a gift to be able to give a Dog an opportunity to use the skills that are instinctual to them. In fact you will find Dogs that are able to work and purge their full potential will be some of the happiest Dogs around.


Unfortunately a lot of Huskies are surrendered to shelters because people that have them don’t understand what they need to settle them down and satisfy them. So if a Husky isn’t given the opportunity to be challenged and work they can become unruly and exhibit a lot of unwanted and even destructive behaviors.  That’s where my methodology comes in. You don’t need to run them on a sled Dog team to achieve their satisfaction. In fact a bike ride which is essentially what I’m doing here will go a long way to work a Husky and give them a lifestyle that will fulfill their energy requirements. 


For those of us like me that are getting older and have mobility issues, because of today’s technologies we can still have a Husky or Husky team as part of our family. You see with the invention and advancement in technology electric bikes have become very reliable and affordable. This means we can bike with our Husky or team of Huskies and not have to pedal so much or in some cases not have to pedal at all. So therefore steep hills or areas our Huskies can’t pull and our physical limitations won’t hinder us we can still adventure at. You can learn much more and see many examples on my YouTube channel. Please check it out!